Co-Founder, The Dharavi Dream Project

With 8+ years of work experience at some of the best MNC's - Google, LinkedIn, and MySpace as one of the early team members in India. Dolly has also been a founding team member at Qyuki - a media startup by Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman and Samir Bangara.

Led the "New Avenues and Operations" at the MIT Media Lab India Initiative where inter-disciplinary efforts lead to futuristic innovation way ahead of time. Also, a Co-founder at Tesseract Imaging - a spin-off from MIT Media Lab India Initiative

While she was always working towards giving back to the community in the form of teaching students on the street since she was in college, she has finally focused her career as 1st ever woman running 1st ever School-of-HipHop by delivering social impact through "The Dharavi Dream Project" - an initiative to give hip-hop artists (under-served talent) of Asia's biggest slum a platform :

To have free and easy access to share one's thoughts and expressions through music, dance and art form

To give a voice to celebrate and a stage to showcase their talent not only in Dharavi of Mumbai but Dharavi's of the world.