Founder, Karo Sambhav

Pranshu is the Founder of Karo Sambhav which collaborates with enterprises on circular economy, and supports them to close their material loops by designing/implementing transformative Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes. Karo Sambhav is creating a grass-root ecosystem to set up robust India-wide solutions on collection, recycling and secondary material management of multiple types of end-of-life products/packaging including e-waste, plastics waste, batteries waste and glass waste.

Karo Sambhav develops socially responsible, and financially sound circular solutions by collaborating with disintegrated players across the waste value chain. Its technology platform and systems foster good governance, fairness, trust, transparency, and traceability. Karo Sambhav partners with a wide range of stakeholders and co-creates engagement programmes that drive long term behavioural change in society, enable collection and responsible recycling of waste at scale.

Prior to Karo Sambhav, Pranshu was Director, Digital Learning Strategy in the Worldwide Education team of Microsoft for 3 years. He had worked with Nokia as Head, Sustainability for 11 years and was based in Finland, Singapore and India.

He is a Aspen Fellow, a Ashoka Fellow, a Chevening Gurukul Fellow, and a Aspire Circle Fellow. Pranshu has a Master's in Environmental Management and Policy from International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE), Sweden.