Co- Founder & CEO, ECOSTP Technologies (P) Ltd.

Tharun has got twenty+ years experience in the field of IT and Sustainability. Deep expertise in sustainable solutions in sewage treatment. He held a rich mix of experience in technical and well as business leadership positions in the past. Prior to starting ECOSTP he was program managing the security for Aadhaar. He had in the past held leadership positions for Sutherland, ICICI OneSource, Cable & Wireless, Hughes and Motorola and he pivoted to pursue a moonshot in treating the sewage mess we are in.

In his current role Tharun is focusing on harnessing ancient knowledge and practically apply for today's environmental problems, specifically sewage treatment. ECOSTP's moonshot mission is to reclaim every drop of wastewater, naturally. We have created a unique 'Zero Power Zero Chemical sewage treatment product to disrupt the current model of using power hogging motors to treat the sewage. The product is a replica of a cow's stomach based on bioengineering concept. He holds a patent in waste water treatment.