Chairman & CEO, ECCO Electronics

Satish Jha is a social entrepreneur and an early stage investor in socially relevant technology based startups and currently chairs US based Simplified Nutrition Online, is a Principal of Ashcroft Sullivan Jha (co-founded with former US Attorney General John Ashcroft) and is the Chief Advisor of Boston Center for Excellence in Healthcare. He co-founded PUCL Bulletin, the first civil rights journal of India along with Arun Jaitley, Baramati Conference on technology and development with Sharad Pawar, established Digital Partners in India that started Social Entrepreneurship movement and later merged with Grameen Technologies (of Nobel winner Mohd. Yunus), cofounded DESI Power that created 100 KW power generators using hybrid, renewable energy sources and was replicated across 100 villages, nurtured, Drishtee, eHealthcare, IICSR and 40+ startups from angel investing, forming boards, mentoring founders, raising the next round of funds, finding clients and making a business viable.