Managing Partner , SucSEED Indovation Fund

Vikrant, the Managing Partner of SucSEED Indovation Ventures, has 25 years of experience and a highly regarded Leadership reputation in the field of Enterprise Risks Management and Strategy in large Global Corporates like HSBC, Fidelity investments, EXL services, GE CAPITAL. Bank of America, Aviva, etc.

Vikrant co-founded IIIT Seed Ventures, a mentor-intensive early-stage Seed Fund to support Deep Tech Innovations in collaboration with IIIT-H foundation and also co-founded SucSEED Venture Partners LLP, a mentoring.

Before SucSEED Indovation, Vikrant served as Chief Security & Fraud Risk Officer for HSBC Global Operations. Services & Technology covering 65000 employees, spread over 32 sites in Globally emerging locations with sites in India, China, Malaysia, Poland, Egypt, Brazil, and Canada and 37000 FTES in Onshore locations in the UK, USA, HK, France, etc.

Vikrant is the first person Globally, since the last 20 yrs of inception, to have been facilitated to be in the Hall of Fame for winning the coveted award of "Industry Personality of Year" consistently four times. Won the Global Award in London in 2018, India & SE Asia level Award in 2018 & 2017, and Global level in London in 2007. Vikrant is an alumnus of the Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad, IMI New Delhi & AMU