Founder, The First Born Collective | Purpose Economy

Iram's 15-year-long stint across industries/ sectors has been nothing but a relentless pursuit in putting these disparate fragments of future together, packaging them into engaging stories, ideas and products for its various stakeholders - platforms, audiences, businesses, governments and brands.

A senior creative leader with technology, business development and operational excellence across sectors/industries, Iram started her career at CNN-IBN .

Starting out as an undercover investigative journalist, Iram tracked 300 acres of illegal Marijuana cultivation in Himachal Pradesh and exposed the nexus of Israeli and Italian mafia for the first time on Indian television. She traveled to Pakistan in 2008, the same year it was declared the most dangerous place on earth by Time Magazine, to bring out the side of Pakistan that never makes headlines. A seasoned media entrepreneur, Iram has produced 4000+ hours of original content for industry stalwarts like CNN, Sabc-2, Al-Jazeera, History Channel, National Geographic, CNN-IBN, Discovery etc.

She took a three-year sabbatical from media in 2015 - only to immerse in a slew of unhinged and radical business experiments across sectors / industries where she engaged with various civic-minded corporations like the Bill Gates Foundation, TedxGateway, premier advertising agencies like Ogilvy & Mather and State governments like J&K.

Iram also helps envision new product lines, IPs , powerful engagement tools and impact programming that can scale and launch these businesses/institutions into an exponential growth orbit.

She served as a country director for Business Insider, India in her last corporate stint. She now heads two social entrepreneurial ventures - The Firstborn Collective and Purpose Economy and advises governments, foundations, Brands on embedding 'impact and innovation' in their design, policy and operational hearts.

Her 21st century tool kit harnesses a mix of 'narratives, persuasive design, mass technologies and power of people' for large scale transformative changes.

She is the Principal Advisor (Innovation and Strategy) to Ministry of Forest and Environment (Climate Change) and the Minister In Charge, Meghalaya.