Technical Advisor, Canadian Wood

Mr. Peter Bradfield is the Technical Advisor, Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII-India) since 2015. The company better known as Canadian Wood within the industry, is a not-for-profit crown agency of the Govt. of British Columbia (B.C.) supported by the Federal Govt. of Canada through NRCan - Natural Resources, Canada.

With over 40 years of international experience in the Canadian forest products industry, Mr. Bradfield leads the technical and educational approach in the use of Canadian wood in Demonstration and Commercial projects in India. Throughout his career, Peter has gained reputation as the Canadian Wood expert in Australia and New Zealand and the "go to person" for all B.C. species.

He has been at the helm of technical engagements in several critical Canadian Wood projects leading and handholding architects, interior designers, builders, and developers with respect to structural, furniture, outdoor, interior wood working and several other applications of varied Canadian wood species. As a part of FII's effort to promote sustainably sourced wood from the forests of B.C. Canada in India, he has contributed tremendously in creating awareness about the appropriate species around its usage, best practices, training and education amongst the woodworking community at ground level.

Mr. Bradfield brings with him a passionate belief of making the unimaginable possible!