Founder, Nece Gene

Neha Celly is the founder of zero-waste label, 'Nece Gene'. Celly has been working with denim for 15 years, initially as a designer with brands such as Arvind Mills and Madura Garments. In 2013, she set up her own denim research and design firm, Bluehemia Nece Gene takes scrap material from Arvind Mills and turns it into couture creations. Denim cut waste is transformed into indigo "fur" or frayed to create accents on garments.

Expanding circular denim into categories beyond clothing, Neha has taken denim strips and turned them into bricks using a bio epoxy. The hardened form of the textiles, which Neha calls "DeBricks," is then used to create products such as stool seats or necklace pendants. Denim scraps are also turned into pulp to make paper for books.