Founder & CEO, TeleSense Inc.

Naeem Zafar is a 7x entrepreneur, 5x startup CEO. He currently serves as the cofounder and CEO for TeleSense, an IOT (Internet of Things) company creating wireless sensing and predictive analytics solutions for the stored grain industry. Prior to starting TeleSense, he was the CEO of Bitzer Mobile, an enterprise security and mobility company that was acquired by Oracle in November 2013.

Naeem started his first company at the age of 26 (XCAT, a hardware accelerator company), and soon moved to the Silicon Valley. At this point, he is a Silicon Valley pioneer, having founded, invested in, and advised 30+ companies. He teaches courses on entrepreneurship at University of California Berkeley & Northeastern University. He has authored six books, topics ranging from conducting market research, seeking the right funding, and successful ways to start a business.