Founder & President, Katha

Geeta started Katha a "profit for all" social organization and has headed it since 1988. Katha is a unique model that seamlessly connects grassroots work with children living in underserved communities with books and reading for joy. Since 1990, she's driven Katha's education model on a single powerful idea: Children can bring real, sustainable change to their communities and families when they have access to quality books and learning. The driving force behind Katha, she created StoryPedagogy(TM) that is an Active Story Based Learning for children and women who are from non-literate families. Katha's work in publishing has won much admiration.

Geeta was awarded the Padma Shri in 2012, the fourth highest recognition in India, for her work in literature and education. She was awarded as the Innovator of the I Love Reading by The Millennium Alliance, set up by USAID and the Government of India.