Co-Founder, Aplastic Planet

In 2016 Sian co-founded A Plastic Planet; is a global campaign organisation with a single goal - to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap. As entrepreneurs, they bring a fresh pro-business solutions-focused approach to environmental issues. A Plastic Planet are highly vocal in the world?s media, working collaboratively with industry, retailers, Governments, legislators and the UN; to accelerate the pace of change at all levels. Recognised in The 2019 Fast Company Awards and winners of International Campaign of the Year, A Plastic Planet created the infamous Plastic Free Aisle campaign, opening this catalyst for supermarket change in Amsterdam early 2018. They also launched the Plastic Free Trust Mark for brands, with over 1000 already certified, and the Industry Commitment Mark ?Working Towards Plastic Free?. A Plastic Planet is a key founding partner in the Plastic Health Coalition, bringing together the world?s scientists, doctors to irrefutably prove the impact of plastic toxicity on human health. From plastic hackathons for Unilever and WPP to creating new laws banning export of plastic waste, from lobbying for plastic taxes, and the creation of the first materials and solutions library with blockchain partner IBM, A Plastic Planet have created global impact in just 3 years