Founder & CEO Arista Vault

She traveled through the journey of Fashionpreneuer to an Electropreneur. She studied Fashion Designing in Academics from Pearl Academy of Fashion while she also studied Business as extended Academic degree, then she did Professional diploma in Luxury branding and went to Milan for the Industrial Internship in Luxury Brands. Having Successfully Completed her Internship she got various sparkling and grand opportunities overseas however, she decided to choose Entrepreneurship. She Started with the Luxury Workwear Label La-styliste Where the Business workwear was Innovative and peppy with a look-book concept. But quest to be an entrepreneur to serve society was missing somewhere. Pristine outlook for safety & security and a theft incident, takes her to the path to open up the venture totally dedicated to safety security and simplification of human life with the help of Electronics and technology. That's how She Founded Arista which is a Sanskrit word means "Unhurt" and Vault is a Safe we all know, That's how Smart products are the definition of security in everyday life.With the Tinch of Luxury on each and every product with her academic Knowledge