CEO, Kairos Strategy Group

Robin is the founder and CEO of Kairos Strategy Group, she is an executive-level strategist, who has made it her mission to rethink business and marketing norms and position her clients as industry-leading innovators and formidable competitors. She helps clients rise above convention to create bold solutions that power more efficient and informed decisions, generate more qualified leads, close more deals, and amplify revenue. She was an early adapter of the future of the impact of the DuPont Model written in 1986 and how it could change the business surrounding information as an asset, and has made many industry predictions that have later come to pass. Her ultimate goal today is to take clients where the market is going, not where it’s been. I thrive on data and specialize in maximizing information as an asset. I have an innate ability to detect disparate signals to help clients capitalize on emerging market trends to capture growth and revenue opportunities.