Telecom Engineer, Telecome Innovation in India

Satyan Pitroda popularly known as Sam Pitroda is an Indian telecom engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He is popularly known as the Father of India's Computer and IT Revolution as he helped Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in bringing computerization as an advisor to the PM. He was also an advisor to the PM during Dr. Manmohan Singh's tenure. He was born Titlagarh in the eastern Indian state of Odisha to a Gujarati family. In 1993, Pitroda helped to establish (with Darshan Shankar) the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Tradition and The University of Trans-Disciplinary Health Sciences and Technology near Bangalore in India. The foundation promotes Ayurveda, India's traditional medicinal knowledge.The two founders were honored in 2003 by Columbia University.Pitroda also serves on the IIT International Board of Overseers. As a way to induce the second phase of India’s technology revolution, in 2005 Mr. Pitroda headed India’s National Knowledge Commission (2005-2009), to provide a blueprint of reform for the knowledge-related institutions and infrastructure for the 21st century in the country. Recently, Mr. Pitroda served as Advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure and Innovation, with the rank of a Cabinet Minister. He served as the Chairman of the Smart Grid Task Force, as well as the committees to reform public broadcasting, modernize railways, deliver e-governance, and other developmental activities.