Jt. MD, Greenko Group

Greenko is one of India’s leading renewable energy companies with over $8.5 billion in asset base operating 6.4 GW of energy assets across 15 states in the country. Mahesh Kolli, a young & dynamic first-generation serial entrepreneur. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering, he has successfully founded and developed multiple businesses in Information Technology, Environmental Technologies, Clean Energy and Urban Infrastructure sectors over the last decade. His entrepreneurial journey started with an environmental solutions company focused on technology transfer from developed markets to India. Mahesh believes in creating infrastructure that has a lasting social impact while contributing to the growing demands of India as a nation and has always strived to contribute to the growth of the country thorough establishing such businesses. Mahesh made his mark in the Indian Energy Sector by co-founding Greenko Group, a focused clean energy company along with Mr. Anil Chalamalasetty in 2006. Greenko is India’s leading Integrated Power Player & is replacing fossil fuel dependency with digitized, decentralized & decarbonized energy solutions. Mahesh is a keen participant and panelist in various investor forums and interacts with regulatory authorities and policy makers to ensure the development of the clean energy sector in India. In Feb 2019 the CEO club India awarded Mahesh with the “Unicorn Award ” for Greenko, for its exponential growth in ten years of operation to become the largest clean energy company operating in India . Outside of work, Mahesh stays in close touch with his roots and contributes towards the development of skilled individuals who can play a constructive role in India’s future.