Country Head,VP, Intel India

Nivruti Rai is the Country head, Intel India, vice president of Data Centre Group. She joined Intel straight out of college in 1994 as a design engineer. At Intel, among the projects Rai is noted for is her work on making semiconductor chips that consume less power using a technique called 'error correcting codes'. She moved to India in 2005 to manage Intel's research and development in mobile devices. In 2006, she was also among the first Indian-American to receive permanent visa status in India, by then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. More recently, Rai has been championing the use of machine learning and related areas to improve road safety in India. Through Intel, she has struck an agreement with the government of Karnataka to build up a database of traffic and road condition information, including ""grey spots"" where the probability of accidents is higher. The technology for this has come from Mobileye, a specialist in advanced driver assistance systems that Intel acquired for $15 billion.