Co-founder & COO, Cowtribe Inc

Alima Bawah is a teacher and a broadcaster by training. As a journalist, she focused on documenting the lives of rural women and children and their struggles in Agriculture, health, and education for 6 years. As a result of her experience in the field, she founded an NGO, KIC foundation which sort to restore the dignity of twins and their mothers by economically empowering them to leave the streets. She veered into entrepreneurship after 6years of practice and is currently the Co founder and COO of Cowtribe Inc, A company with a mission of making life-saving animal vaccines and preventive veterinary care accessible and affordable to farmers at the very last mile throughout Africa, by building and deploying logistics infrastructure to enable a low cost solution. In 2018 she was awarded by the Queen of England as a Queen's Young Leader, she is also an Obama Foundation African Leaders fellow 2018.