Managing Director A&G Partners Israel

Adv. Bernstein-Reich is an investment banker and business consultant. Co-founder and Managing Director of A&G Partners Israel, a group operating on the axis of Israel, India and Sri Lanka in various sectors including Agritech via the Agribator Technologies center in Noida, Real Estate projects in Mysore and Sri Lanka, Investment Banking, Technology Transfer, and Entertainment. Bernstein-Reich is a frequent speaker and columnist about India in the Israeli media. Managed the first Israel-India Innovation Bridge program in 2018 that was initiated by PM Netanyahu and PM Modi. Was awarded an Iconic Women Award by the WEF- Women Economic Forum 2016 and was awarded by s.p. mandali’s WeSchool, Friend of India 2020 for her economic contribution to India. Served as the executive producer of “The Bharati Show, the wonder that is India” mega-shows with 70 artists from India on stage, performed 2005-2018 and viewed by over 4 million people worldwide.