Co-CEO, Business Talent group

Amelia Louise Warren Tyagi is an American businesswoman, management consultant, and author. She co founded and is president of the placement firm Business Talent Group, is a trustee emeritus of progressive think tank Demos, and co founded HealthAllies (now part of UnitedHealth Group).She co authored two books, The Two Income Trap and All Your Worth, with her mother Elizabeth Warren. She is a board member for the non profit organization Fuse Corps and a former commentator for the radio show Marketplace. Tyagi worked for consulting company McKinsey and Company before becoming the current president of the Business Talent Group (BTG), which she co-founded in 2007 with Jody Greenstone Miller, BTG's current Chairman of the Board of Directors. BTG works with "40% of Fortune 100 companies" to provide independently contracted talent for business projects.