CEO, The World Travel & Tourism Council

Recognized as one of the most influential women in Mexico by CNN and Expansion, began her professional career at NCR Corporation working in the Latin America, Middle East and Africa region. Since 1995 she has worked for the travel industry, In Sabre Travel Network and Sabre Holdings in different positions, including regional responsibilities, for Latin America and the Caribbean, and as Vice-president in the CIO office with global responsibilities. She was also CEO of JV Sabre Mexico reporting to a board of directors from Aeromexico, Mexicana and Sabre. In March 2010 President Calderon appointed her as Minister and Secretary of Tourism and two weeks after she was given in addition the Mexican Tourism board. Under her leadership the “National Agreement for Tourism” was created and signed on Feb 28, 2011. An unprecedented initiative with a key strategic plan that aligned the entire country and sector, including the Federal Government, all Mexican states, the Congress, Senators, Unions, Academia and all representatives from Private sector. In 2012 thanks to the her leadership for the first time in history, Travel and Tourism and its contribution to the economic growth of nations was included in the G20 leaders declaration of los Cabos Mexico. An important milestone for the industry worldwide that gave Gloria the recognition of G20 pioneer. During her time at Government, Mexico faced the accumulated impact of the worst financial and economic crises, in addition to H1N1 outbreak and the challenges in security. Under her leadership, Mexico was able to turn around the situation from a constant loss of tourists to a growth path that broke new records with the highest numbers in 2011 and 2012 with more than 200 million travelers domestic and international. Gloria received the Good Neighbor Award from the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce and Virtuoso awarded Mexico the BEST Tourism board in the world due the successful branding and reposition efforts.

BACKGROUND: She holds a BS in Computer Science and MBA from Kellogg School of Business. Gloria is special advisor on Government affairs to Harvard University, she is also part of the Future of Travel and Tourism Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum, and the World Tourism Think Tank, She offers consulting services to different countries and destinations around the world on Travel Destination DNA and she is a partner in private equity investment firms who invest in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism