Digital Strategic Advisory Analyst

Lisa's an innovator, digital strategic advisory analyst, mentor, maverick of change & frontier technology and executive agile project management specialist. A design ecosystem thinker, Lisa designs and delivers systemic digital change initiatives crucial for the global economy to make business better with a focus on technology, education & people. Challenging the state of play whilst pragmatically embracing the rapidly advancing potential of technology such as blockchain keeps Lisa at the forefront of pioneering positive change in digital transformation. Big challenges require big solutions & never be afraid to deliver them is a mantra that drives Lisa forward. This courageous & multidisciplinary approach aligns perfectly to the many initiatives Lisa has founded & leads globally. She's the Founder of Mind Shifting that places education forefront at the intersection of mainstream SME business analytics & frontier technologies that accelerate potential for economic growth. Frontier, digital technology, blockchain & DLT are foremost in all growth, advisory, analytical, product management and strategic development roles which include Co-Founding P&L Digital Edge UK and Africa Agri Tech Ltd. At the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Merida Mexico Lisa educated 1200 international youth on social entrepreneurship and has developed scaleable product-led digital skills programmes that deploy & use an action base learning experience for digital currencies, digital ID & DAO's. Data privacy & digital ID are core skills in the 21C so it comes as no surprise that ConsumerNodeUK a decentralised GovTech project is a current focus. As the Co-Founder of OPTMZD, she brought together Nobel Peace Laureates with the foremost social impact aligned digital technologists & philanthropists at the inaugural Strategic Change Impact Meeting: Peace and Technology, in September to lead the process and Affirmation of Intent for a new venture, ImpactX that advances the betterment of civil society & global peace. Lisa has a clear message that action is crucial for change to convert challenge into opportunity. Regularly engaged for commentary, writing and thought leadership about digital technology & deployment strategy as an international speaker at prestigious educational institutions and industry events, delivering her learnings, insight & expertise.