Edna White is an author, childhood sexual abuse advocate, a thriving Survivor and the Survivors Life coach. She helps to identify and dissolve the hidden blocks that keep you stuck, after a childhood of sexual abuse. Edna is the #1 best-selling author of Stuff! Giving Voice to the Secret of childhood sexual abuse. Edna J. White a top-selling author for self-empowerment and purpose-driven living, continues to serve at the top of the list around the world, as she offers to heal from any trauma from the inside out. Her story of emotional recovery has been covered by Mike from Maine Radio Show, Lana Reid, and Al Cole from CBS, featured at community libraries, and many appearances internationally. With a rich history in the religious sector as an Evangelist and youth community leader comes to you from the foundation of Thomasville AL, living now on Long Island with her wonderful and supportive family as a mother of 3, a sister, a grandmother, an aunt and a friend to many. White has forever changed the way people understand individual recovery in surviving childhood sexual abuse. Her outspoken and direct challenges and words shaped the efforts of countless colleagues and students. Edna has served as the point person for developing housing industry changes in her 16+ year profession as a licensed real estate broker. She continues to move and shake the world of through many her many accomplishments, writing, and crusades to further the prevention of childhood sexual abuse. White's mission in life is to access this life as a gift and creating the life you want and deserve.