Nicky Verd is the voice for those who yearn to disrupt the status quo! After being laid off from a job she held unto for dear life, Nicky Verd hit rock bottom, literally. But rose back up, reinvented herself and is now empowering others to do the same. From contemplating suicide just over four years ago to being recognised by Thinkers360 as one of Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Digital Disruption and the Future of Work. Nicky Verd is Africa Enthusiast and Africa's Digital Transformation Maverick. A pioneer in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a leading thinker on driving innovation through personal disruption. Author of the hit book "Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted." A book born from an authentic passion to ignite human potential in an era of Artificial Intelligence(AI). The book aims to bridge the gap between people and the understanding of how emerging technologies are impacting the world, the workplace and life in general. "Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted" is an indispensable blueprint to future-proof yourself. The book offers the most pragmatic view of the impact of disruptive technologies on employment and gives valuable insights that will allow you to take a glimpse into the future, reinvent yourself and successfully navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR). With the avalanche of new technologies, personal disruption is the new recipe for success in today's fast-changing world. An understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will help put into perspective how some of the world's most cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, IoT, AR, 3D Printing and many others will impact your own life. It goes without saying, "You cannot fight a battle you don't even understand"