MD, Sumeru Ventures.

Co-founder and Managing Director of Sumeru Ventures, a global technology fund based out of Los Angeles and the valley. Sumeru Ventures is actively investing across all stages in innovative companies utilizing transformational technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and visual collaboration to create global impact.
Saumen has over 30 years of experience in the global Information Technology Industry transcending the hardware, software, network and more recently the AI, ML, Blockchain and the Visual Collaboration era, spanning diverse industry segments such as education, healthcare, government, fintech, telecom, energy, security & surveillance and impact. During his career, he was associated with some the world's largest fortune 500 companies like DEC, IBM, Quadrant II Technologies, Microsoft, and Hughes. He has played the role of Founder, Director, CEO, Chief Solutions Architect & Mentor behind the innovation and R & D initiatives of many companies around the world including the US, India, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Finland and Australia.
On the impact side, Saumen has been a Technology Advisor to numerous technology projects and initiatives of the Art of Living Foundation and its associated entities like Sumeru Inc., Sumeru Solutions, Art of Living Foundation Digital India Movement and the Sri Sri Institute of Advanced Research spread across its 200+ organizations in over 160 countries and touching the lives of 375+ million people around the world. On a personal front, based on his numerous personal encounters he has received profound inspiration from the global humanitarian Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. He believes in humility and the self-transformation from a "somebody" to "nobody" to "everybody".
Across his career spanning 3 decades, Saumen has served as an Advisor, distinguished Faculty, as a member of numerous Trade Associations and non-profit organizations in its various Committees and Taskforces. He served at Global Entrepreneurship and National Policy support groups, and software exports as the Chairman of the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) and has lead India’s $100+ Billion software exports, He is also an advisor for the Global Venture Catalyst and the chair for “Business & Ethics” of the Rotary Club of Silicon Valley for Global Impact.