OckyPocky | Ex-Google

Amit Agarwal helped bring Youtube to India, and grew the business from scratch to touch $100 million per annum. With his startupOckyPoocky, he aims to make edutainment popular in India. "Did I hear that right?" I screamed, staring into my phone, giving the Ola cabbie seated to my right a mini-heart attack. I plugged in my earphones and loaded the app again, played around with it for a few moments, and hit the exit button again. I heard it again. A faint child-like voice said 'Bye' as my phone returned to the home-screen. The attention to detail and the user experience was interesting. I was trying out a children's learning app, and had played a few nursery rhymes on full blast a few moments ago. My cabbie seemed annoyed, and was probably not going to give me a five-star rider rating, I thought to myself. But I was elated thinking about introducing the app to my niece, hoping she would bond with me over it. My cab stopped, and I got out to meet the creator of the app, Amit Agarwal, the man known for bringing Youtube to India. We explore his startup journey, and the app 'OckyPocky' in this week's App Friday story. Co founder of WhizKidz Media and India Goes Global, Amit Agarwal describes himself as a 'proud baniya, and grey-haired entrepreneur'. An alumnus of IIM Banglore's 2000 batch, he headed YouTube India, and grew the business from scratch to $100 million per annum.

EDUCATION: MBAField Of StudyMarketing, Finance, IIM Bangalore.
BA (Hons)Field Of StudyMathematics, St. Stephen's College.