Indian Standard Time

*5th & 6th Oct 4 Tracks
Day 1 Session
10:00 - 12:30 IST
Inauguration of the TiE Sustainability Summit with Dignitaries & Officials from Govt of India, Govt of Telangana,
Officials from Israel, Republic of Costa Rica, TiE Global Trustees and Board Members & Charter Members from the
TiE Fraternity along with Partners.
06:00 PM
Welcome Note:
Mr.Manohar Reddy - President,TiE Hyderabad, Conference Chair & Mr.Praveen Tailam - TiE Global Chair

6:06 PM
Grand Summit Keynote Shri Gautam Adani - Chairman Adani Group

6:26 PM
Keynote : Costa Rica Govt Dignitaries
Keynote: Israel Govt Dignitaries

6:36 PM
Demystifying Sustainability, SDG Growth and Impact by Iram Mirza, Founder- Purpose Economy

6:58 PM
Inaugural Closing Note
Mr. Suresh Raju - Vice President, TiE Hyderabad

7:00 PM
Overview of TiE Sustainability Summit 2021: Mr.Mahavir Sharma - Conference Co-Chair, Mr.Dinesh Dhamija - Chair TiE Sustainability SIG, Mr.Sanjay Jesrani - Core Committee & Mr.Srikanth Tirumala - Executive Committee

7:05 PM
Grand Keynote: Mr. Bharat Wakhlu - Founder, The Wakhlu Advisory

7:30 PM
Grand Keynote: Dr. Jaleh Daie - Chairman, AgFoodHealthspan (AFH) Board

8:00 PM
Grand Keynote: Shri. James Sangma Cabinet Minister for Forest & Environment and Power, Meghalaya

8:30 PM
Showcase: "Araku Coffee from Tribal India to Paris"
- Mr. Manoj Kumar, Co-founder of Araku Coffee
In conversation
Mr. Suresh Raju, Partner, Jupiter Alternative Investment Fund

9:15 PM
Impact Investing Going Mainstream - A Dialogue
Mr. AG Karunakaran, President at TiE Silicon Valley & Mr. Dhanpal Jhaveri, Vice Chairman, Everstone Group

08:00 - 08:10
Opening Remarks (Day's brief)
08:10 - 08:50
Deep Tech and Sustainability
- Mr. Sridhar Gadhi - Founder & Executive Chairman at Quantela Inc.
- Prof. Vasudeva Varma - Deeptech Expert - Academia & Industry
-Mr. Vikrant Varshney - MD -SucSeed Indovation
-Mr. Vikrant Varshney - MD -SucSeed Indovation
- Mr. Abhishek Srivastava- Director, Endiya Partners

- Mr Pradeep Gupta
(Moderator): Chairman
Cyber Media Group

Startup showcases Startup showcases Eco-Initiatives For Sustainable Textiles Industry
- Dr. Sandip Patil: Founded E-Spin Nanotech Pvt. Ltd
- Ms Neha Cely: Founder of 'nece gene
- Ms Sonali Diddi: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) focused in Apparel, Merchandising and Design from Iowa State University
- Ms Raye Padit: Founder and CEO at The Fashion Pulpit
- Ms Smita Bagla (Moderator): Managing Director, Strategic and Executive Management

09:00 - 09:50
The Business Case for Sustainability
- Mr Bradley Busetto - CEO, SDG Impact Ventures
- Mr Dave Rouse - CEO, Carbon Click
- Mr Hemal Uchat - Partner PwC, specialising on ESG
- Mr Chaitanya Kalia (Moderator) - National Leader, Climate Change and Sustainability EY

The Path to Sustainable Micro Entrepreneurship
- Mr Vijay Mahajan - Founder, Pradan NGO and Basix Social Enterprise Group
- Mr Emmanuel Murray: Sr. Advisor, Caspian Impact
- Ms Vidya Chandy: VP, Chiratae Ventures

- Mr Viiveck Verma (Moderator): Founder, UpSurge Enterprise Solutions

Masterclass: Circular Economy - A Trillion Dollar Opportunity
- Mr Abhay Deshpande: Founder, Recykal

Achieving Water Positive Status
- Ms Kalpana Ramesh: Founder of The Rainwater Project
- Mr MV Ramachandrudu: volunteered with an NGO called Wassan
- Mr Viswanathan S: Director at Biome Environmental Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Dr. MVRL Murthy (Moderator) - Founder and CEO

10:00- 10:50
Leverage IndianTraditions for Global Sustainability
Sadhguru: Founder of Isha Foundation

AI Driving Higher Crop Yields: AgriTech
- Mr Krishna Kumar - Founder, CropIn
- Mr Sunil Reddy - Founder, Dodla Dairy
- Rema Subramanian - Managing Partner, Ankur Capital
- Mr Srini Chandupatla (Moderator) - Co-Founder, Manjeera Digital Systems

Sustainable e-Waste Recycling
- Mr Pranshu Singhal: Founder, Karo Sambhav
- Mr Karan Thakkar: Founder & CEO - The Recycling Company
- Mr Dev Raman: Triton Advisors
- Mr Rakesh Bhatia (Moderator): The CapitalNet

Startup showcases
11:00- 11:50
Captalism in the Age of Sustainability
- Mr Vikas Garg: CEO and Founder at Abillion
- Mr Shailendra Tipparaju: Venture partner, Dallas Venture capital
Prashant Maniar :Founder & Managing Partner, Encito Advisors
Ms Ritu Marya (Moderator): Editor- in- Chief for Entrepreneur Media APAC

Telangana Top 11 Sustainability Startups- Showcase
Witness the top sustainability startups from the Startup State of Telangana
Moderators: Shri Jayesh Ranjan/Shanta Thoutam
(11 startups)

Farm-to-Table - Zero Food Waste
- Mr. Vijay Nandiminti, Leader in Ecosystem for Agri Startups
- Ms Wilma Rodrigues: Founder, CEO of Saahas Zero Waste
- Mr Sharat Loganathan: Co Founder, NinjaCart
-Harish Methill (Moderator): Promoter of Ahimsa foods

The Age of Green Philanthropy
Keynote Address

- Mr. Abhay Deshpande: Founder, Recykal

Panel Discussion
- Dr. Evita Fernandez: Chairperson, Fernandez Hospitals
- Mr Vijay Chaddha: CEO, Air Pollution Action Group
- Mr Taran Chabra: Founder, Neeman's Shoes

- Mr Viiveck Verma (Moderator): Founder, UpSurge Enterprise Solutions

Break 12:00 to 17:00 IST

17:00- 17:30

From Sustainability to Social Impact : Leadership conversations
Ms Deepali Khanna: Managing Director, Asia Regional Office, The Rockefeller Foundation
Mr. Srini Nagarajan (Head of South Asia CDC)
In conversation with
- Mr Ramraj Pai (Moderator): Chief Executive Officer, Impact Investors Council

Universal Basic Income - An SPV to Eradicate Poverty
- Mr JA Choudary: chairman of the Indian BlockChain Standards Committee
-John Paul - Director and Programs Head, The/Nudge CRD
-Mr. Rahul Nainwal - Co Founder Cash Relief
- Mr Raj Janagam (Moderator): CEO, Atal Incubation Centre - International Institute of Information Technology

-Sriram Iyer (Moderator): -Chief Editor (India) Business Insider India

Post-Covid StartUp opportunities in MENA
- Dr. Simon Galpin: Venture Partner PlusVC
- Kiran Kalluri (Moderator): Advisory,
Dallas Venture Capital

Energy in Transition - Alternate Energy, Energy Storage
- Ms. Radhika Choudary
Director & Co-Founder
Freyr Energy
- Ms Vasudha Madhavan: Founder, Ostara Advisors

Anil Kumar (Moderator): MD Great InfraSports

17:30- 18:00
Future of Mobility
-Mr Horace Luke, Taiwan- CEO, Gogoro Taiwan
-Katarina Hasbani - Dubai (Moderator): Founder and MD Enrupt

18:00 - 18:50
Masterclass : Operationalizing Sustainablility for Mainstream Adoption
-Dr. Ram Charan: Global Adviser to CEOs & Corporate Boards

Building People and Ideas for SDG Goals
Keynote Address

"Innovations in Education for Sustainablity" by
Mr CP Gurnani (CEO, Tech Mahindra)
Panel Discussion
- Ms Naina Subberwal Batra: CEO of Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Singapore
Board Member of Global Resiliant Cities Network
- Ms Florence Lambert: British Council Malaysia
- Mr Matteo Chiampo: Technical Director at SecondMuse

- Mr Ganesh Natarajan (Moderator): Co-Chair TiE Global Social SIG

A virtuous Agriculture - Water- Energy (AWE) nexus: From Knowledge to Action
- Mr. Apoorve Khandelwal:Program Lead - Sustainable Food System
- Mr. Jiten Ghelani: CEO of Promethean power
- Dr. Rajul Patkar: Co-founder and Chief Executive, Proximal SoilSens Technologies
Mr.Hemendra Mathur (Moderator): Venture Partner at Bharat Innovation Fund

Hydroponics and Hyperlocal Farming Strategies
- Mr Vihari K: Co- Founder, Urban Kisaan
- Mr Vinay Nair: HBS Alum, AgriTech expert
- Mr Sathya Raghu Mokkapati: Co-founder and President of Kheyti and CosmosGreen
- Mr Vijay Nandiminti (Moderator): Leader in Ecosystem for Agri Startups

19:00 - 19:50
Strategies for Net-Zero Carbon Emissions
- Mr Praveen Sahay: Founder & Managing Director, WAVE Equity Partners
- Mr Shailesh Singh: Co-Founder - Massive Mobility
- Mr Satish Jha: Chairman & CEO of ECCO Electronics
Ms. Anjali Bansal: Founder Avaana Capital
Mr.Ranvijay Lamba (Moderator): Managing Director & Country Head of Arcesium India

Israel - Two innovative Indo-Israel AgriTech platforms:
Evergreen Impactech Platform
- Mr Neville Eisenberg (Moderator)

Land of infinite Energy – Spotlight on Texas and beyond in the Americas – Startups and Investments Introduction by Mr. Ram Viswanathan President -TiE Dallas

Bridging Gap between Urban and Rural Education using Tech.
- Ms Geeta Dharamarajan: Founder & CEO of Katha
- Ms Audrey Selian: Director, Artha Impact
- Dr. Suresh U Kumar: Professor and Director of Innovation and
Entrepreneurship at New Jersey Institute of Technology
- Ms Veena Gundavelli (Moderator) : Founder & CEO, Emagia

AgriBator –case studies panel
- Anat Bernstein Reich (Moderator):
Mr. Rohtash Mal-Chairman of Agribator Technologies and Co-Founder of EM3Agriservices
Ms. Tami Shor- COO, Ndrip Irrigation
Mr. Simcha Shore- CEO Agro Scout
Mr. Moshe Porat- Special Advisor, Tevel Aerobotics

Presentation on Space Industries by Dr. Benjamin Kaebe

Roundtable Discussion
(7:30-8:15 PM IST) :
Moderator Mr. Ram Shenoy
Ms. Amy Henry, Mr. Jim Sledzik,
Mr. Dan Pickering

20:00 - 20:30
Social Marketplace Fueling Sustainability & Entrepreneurship Fireside Chat with
Manish Chadha - CEO, Poshmark in conversation with Shamini Dhana Founder and CEO, D/Sphere

Israel - Success stories and collaboration opportunities Green energy - i3A and EVangelise Indo-Israel success stories - Vered Mivtzari (Moderator): Emerging Market Director, Start-Up Nation Central

Startup Panel Discussion 1 (8:15-9:00 PM IST)
Moderator Amy Henry
Yasmine Encelade- Solar SMO,
Perzaan Mehta -Vortex Power Systems
Raghuraman C - E-Hands Energy

Grooming a "Sustainability Literate" Generation!
- Prof Uday Desai: Founding Dean at IIT Hyderabad, IIT Mumbai Alumni
- Mr Akhtar Badsha: Founder and Chief Catalyst,Catalytic Innovators Group
- Dr.Ajit Rangnekar: Director General, Research and Innovation Circle of Hyderabad Partner, SVP India
- Ms Sudha Reddy (Moderator): General Manager Sabio India, VP of Product Sabio US

20:30 - 20:45
Keynote : Steve Westly: Founder & Managing Partner of The Westly Group.

20:45 - 21:00
Israel as a global hub for innovation-based climate solutions
Moderator -Mr.Avi Hasson
21:00 - 21:30
The Era of Setting Bold Climate Goals to Achieve Net Zero
Mr.David Jaber (Founder, Climate Positive Consulting) in conversation with Shamini Dhana Founder and CEO, D/Sphere

Electronics industry: The Path to SDG Adoption
- Mr Satya Gupta: CEO of Seedeyas Innovations
- Mr Sambit Sahu: VP of the Network and Edge Group and GM of the IOT Engineering Group at Intel Corporation.
- Mr Venkatesh Narsimhan (Moderator): Sr. Director with Silicon Labs

Startup Panel Discussion 2 (9:00 - 9:45 PM IST)
Moderator : Amy Henry
Alex Zorniger - Power to Hydrogen,
Matt Dawson - Utility Global
Carsten Westergaard -Aeromine

TiE Israel
SNC Startup Showcase
21:30 - 22:00
Fireside Chat : Leading with Purpose
Manna Dabholkar (CEO ,Gift Global Initiative) in conversation with Kali Prasad Gadiraju (Chairman, EThames College Of Business (Moderator)

08:00 - 08:10
Opening Remarks (Day's brief)
08:10 - 08:50
Impact Investing - Here to stay
- Mr Vineet Rai - Founder, Aavishkar Group
Mr.Prashant Maniar (Moderator): Managing Partner, Encito Advisors

Building Bridges between Large Corporates & Agri Innovators
Mr. Harivansh Chaturvedi- Director BIMTECH,
Mr. Sachin Darbarwar- Founder and CEO of Simply Fresh Private Limited,
Mr. Ram Kaundinya- Director General, Federation of Seed Industry of India,
Mr. Sharlin Thayil- Co-Founder, CEO, Business Director of View360 Technologies, Carnegie Technologies- (Moderator)

Sustainability in the Boardroom
Mr Saurabh Goel: President of Havells
Mr Nawshir Mirza: Professiona Independent Director of TERI,
Thermax, Tata Power, Exide etc
Deeksha Vats, Chief Sustainability officer of the Aditya Birla Group
Ravi Narayan (Moderator): Ex- CEO T-Hub , Ex- CIO TSIC

Strategies for Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of Freshwater Ecosystems
Mr. Tharun Kumar- Co- Founder, CEO- ECOSTP Technologies (P) Ltd.
Mr. Amrit Om Nayak- Co-Founder & CEO at Indra Water
Ms Smita P Mishra (Moderator) : YSIP - Sustainable Development Goals Innovator, United Nations Global Compact

09:00 - 09:50
Investing in the Age of Uncertainty - Building a Sustainable & Resilient Portfolio- Mr Nilesh Shah: Managing Director at Kotak Mahindra Asset Managemet Co. Ltd
- Mr Sunil Goyal: Managing Director & Fund Manager at YourNest Venture Capital
- Mr Nakul Zhaveri: Partner at Relativity Investment Management
Mr Nishant Agarwal (Moderator): Managing Partner and Head- Family Office at ASK Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd

Future of Sustainable and Renewal Energy
Vipul Tuli in conversation with Srikanth Tirumala

Meatless Meat' Startups are Changing the Food Industry & Saving the World
Ms. Genelia Deshmukh- Founder, Imagine Meats,
Mr. Harish Jadwani- Promoter, Ahimsa foods,
Mr. Gautam Godhwani- Managing Partner, Good Protein Fund
Mr. Abhijit Banerjee- Managing Partner- StratCap Corporate Advisors LLP - Moderator

Concrete and Sustainability (Pursuit of Greener Construction Technology)
- Mr Arvind Bodhankar: Head, Sustainability-UltraTech Cement
- Mr Prabodh Acharya: Head Sustainability - JSW Group
-Mr Goutham Reddy: CEO/Managing Director, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd.
Mr.Rajesh Pagadala : Pagadala Constructions (Moderator)

10:00- 10:50
Affordable Renewable Energy for the Bottom of the Pyramid
Mr Mateen Abdul: CEO and Co-Founder at Grassroots Energy
Mr Vinesh Sinha: Founder and CEO, Fathopes Energy
Mr Sandeep Singhal: Co-founder, Nexus Venture Partners
Mr Murali Talasila (Moderator): Partner & Innovation Leader at PwC

Sustainability for Next-Gen- Emerging models
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Glenn Frommer
Moderated by: Naman Tekriwal
Co Moderated by : Viiveck Verma
Panel Discussion
Colin Ong - Founder, Director & Head Coach, Stanford CSDGC Youth Creativity & Leadership Program
Nurit Katz: Chief Sustainability Officer, UCLA
Sean Lee - Chief Executive Officer, Algorand Foundation

Waste Management is a Goldmine. Is Someone Listening?
Mr Lawrence Low: Director, Sixth Avenue Advisory
Mr Rahul Podaar: Managing Director at Shakti Plastics
Mr Taran Chabra: Founder, Neeman's
Jayesh Sanghvi (Moderator): Office Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Global Warming - No place to Hide!
HE. Jo Tyndall- High Commissioner for New Zealand to Singapore (former Climate Change Ambassador to the UN),
Ms. Mukti Bosco: Founder & Ceo at Healing Fields Foundation
Mr Anshu Gupta: Founder Director Goonj
Mr Pradeep Dhobale (Moderator): Chairman of Green Entrepreneurship Council of CII-GBC

11:00- 11:50
Social Entrepreneurs Showcase
Mr.Arunachalam Muruganatham (Pad Man)

Sustaining Entrepreneurship Ecosystem by Successful Entrepreneurs and Family Offices
Mr. Manish Choksi- Vice Chairman, Asian Paints
Mr. Amit Mehta- Director & Head of Family Office, LNB Group
Mr. Peyush Bansal , Co-Founder, Chief Executive & People Officer
Company :
Mr.TC Meenakshi Sundaram- (Moderator) Founder - Chiratae Ventures

Building Sustainable Organisations
Keynote Address

Mr. Suresh Chukkapalli: Phoenix Group/Counsel General

Panel Discussion
Mr Ashish Gaikwad: MD , Honeywell Automation India
Ms Purnima Khandelwal: Cofounder, InI Farms
Mr Amit Bhatia: Founder-Aspire Circle & Aspire Impact

Mr. Viiveck Verma (Moderator): Founder of UpSurge Enterprise Solutions

Sustainable Housing - The Sky is the Limit
Ms Esther Ann: Chief Sustainability Officer, CDL
Mr Mir Nasir Ali Khan: Managing Director,MAK Projects Pvt Ltd
Mr. Vamsi Gaddam (Moderator): MD at Visakha Industries

Mr Nandkishor Chaudhary: Social Entrepreneur, Chairman & Managing Director at Jaipur Rugs

Mr Abhijit Banerjee (Moderator): Managing Partner- StratCap Corporate Advisors LLP

Break 12:00 to 17:00 IST

17:00-17:50 IST
Creating Sustainable Water Solutions - Community Engagement is the Key
Mr Varun Sridharan: Founder & CEO, Greenvironment Innovation & Marketing India (P) Ltd
Mr Vinay Chataraju: Co-Founder, Kritsnam Technologies
Ms Vanitha Mohan: Chairman of Pricot and Founder of Siruthuli

Mr Venkat Kamalakar (Moderator): Co-Founder - Garphi Biosciences

Dharavi's $B Economy - Epitome of Courage & Entrepreneurship
Ms Dolly Rateshwar: Co-Founder - The Dharavi Dream Project & Dates Employ
Ms Megha Gupta: Founder- & Wayshowers Foundation
Ms Hema Annamalai (Moderator): Disruptor, Investor and Mentor for SME's

Startup showcases Startup showcases
18:00-18:50 IST
Sustainable Agriculture
Mr Adi Vagman: Founder and Managing Partner, AgriNation Venture Capital
Dr.Praveen Rao: Vice-Chancellor ,Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University
Mr. Srikant Suryanarayan, MD Iska Farms
Dr. G V Ramanjeneluyu- Founder, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Dr. Ganesh Ramamurthi (Moderator): COO at NCML Agribusiness Consultants Private Limited.

Startup Showcases Keynote Addres Ms. Adriana Bolanos Argueta, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
H.E Claudio Ansorena
Ambassador of Costa Rica to India
Address by
Carballo, Vice Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology
- Mr. Leonardo Chacón Rodríguez, Vice Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce
Mr. Leonardo Chacón Rodríguez, Vice Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce
- Mr. Alvaro Goicoechea, Investment Advisory Manager, CINDE
-Mr. Fernando Lizana Moreno, Sustainability and Innovation Manager

Opportunities for Sustainable practices in the Pharma - Lifescience & Chemical Industry - making the business case
Dr Mahesh Bhalgat: COO, Syngene International Limited
Mr Gubba Kiran: CEO, Gubba Cold Storage,
Dr. Anand Govindaluri: Founder, Executive Director & CEO of Govin Capital, Singapore & Startup Accelerator India Pvt Ltd
Mr Saumen Chakraborthy (Moderator): Managing Director of Samarjita Management Consultancy Private Limited

19:00-19:50 IST
Masterclass: Uncommon Leadership
Ms Ruchira Chaudhary: Founder - TrueNorth Consulting
Ashutosh Pandey (Moderator): MD&CEO Mahindra First Choice Wheels

Bridging the funding gap for women entrepreneurs
Ms Seema Chaturvedi: Founder, Managing Partner at AWE (Achieving Women Equity) Funds
Sanjay Mehta- Founder & Partner at 100X.VC
Ms Padmaja Ruparel (Moderator): Cofounder of IAN

Startup showcases
20:00-20:50 IST
DeepTech & Analytics - driving optimal outcomes across Energy and Water Conservation
Mr Sridhar Gadhi: Founder & Executive Chairman at Quantela Inc.
Mr Ganes Kesari :Co-founder & Chief Decision Scientist @Gramener
Mr Pedro Bittencourt: Consultant, PSR Energy Consulting and Analytics
Mr Naeem Zafar: Co-founder and CEO at TeleSense
Mr. Bhat Dittakavi (Moderator): Founder, CEO, Data Scientist Company:

Agriculture & Sustainability

Panel with Mr. Douglas Peterson,
Mr. Martin Dudley
Moderator - Mr. Somshankar Das

"The Value of Waste"
Panelists : Ms. Lina Sakai Watanabe, Fermenstation
Ms. Kim Ludee Chase, NewGen Surgical
Ms. Tamara Mekler, Fortuna Cools
Ms. Taylor Zehren, waste*d
Dr. Victoria Woo (Moderator), Ph.D

Startup showcases
21:00 - 22:30 IST
TSS Social Enterprise Awards